At a time when the country was falling apart (1990-ies), we sheltered the best specialists of one of the largest Soviet Union factories who had lost their job, and organized a jewelry studio and a training center, which attracted young specialists who were engaged in the section of aircraft modeling and used to think creatively and had high technical skills. Thus, the leading master of the company Igor Salnikov is the European champion in air-model sport. Gradually the enterprise gained strength, the quality of products allowed to participate in exhibitions; new craftsmen joined the studio, introducing a new breath and artistic mind.

TREASURE HOUSE is a company that is constantly in search of talented and creative people who want to reveal their potential. We never stand still, constantly moving forward. Art for us has an unconditional priority over material goods. We are the real fanatics of what we do, wishing to infect the globe with love for beauty.

Sales department

Treasure House is a large company that more than 25 years has been helping creative people to reveal their potential, whether it is an artist or just an adept of unordinary beauty.

Each piece of art has its own background involving passionate searching for inspiration, the work of most talanted craftsmen, pangs of creativity.

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Treasure House

Treasure House is a jewelry manufactory founded in 1993. It gathered most creative artists in a region rich of gems and precious metals - the Ural mountains. Each craftsman works independently in a well-equipped studio with high standards of quality, - thus they get all the conditions to materialize inspiration into a particular form. Treasure House today is not only a production center, but more a place where creativity dominates.

Custom Jewelry Design

Igor Salnikov Jewelry Design.

One of the most significant works of the TH club is a work of the artist Igor Salnikov – his ring Nautilus won the Grand Prix on the Saul Bell design award (USA) saulbellaward.com

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